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Developmental Disorder Treatment Options Offered at Our Facilities

Acadia Healthcare’s international network of treatment facilities provides multiple levels of care for children, adolescents, teens, and others whose lives have been impacted by developmental disorders. Individuals of various ages can receive comprehensive, personalized care for developmental disorders at facilities within the Acadia network.

Understanding Developmental Disorders

The category of developmental disorders includes a variety of conditions with symptoms that typically begin to manifest during early childhood. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) refers to developmental disorders as neurodevelopmental disorders.

Children, adolescents, and teens whose lives have been impacted by developmental disorders may struggle with impaired functioning in the personal, social, academic, and occupational areas of their lives.

The impact of some developmental disorders can include substandard communication skills, difficulties with reason or problem-solving, problems with learning and abstract thinking, and diminished social participation. Other developmental disorders may cause children and adolescents to struggle with motor skills, speech patterns, vocalization deficiencies, and certain medical challenges.

The symptoms of developmental disorders often begin to become apparent before a child enters school, but this is not always the case. Onset of certain developmental disorders may not occur until later childhood or even adolescence. Regardless of when a young person first begins to experience a developmental disorder, the effects of this condition can extend throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

Early and effective care for adolescents and teens who have developmental disorders can lead to significant improvements in substance and quality of life. Treatment facilities within Acadia Healthcare’s network offer comprehensive, personalized care for children as young as five who have been struggling with developmental disorders.

At all facilities within the Acadia network, children, adolescents, and others who have been dealing with the effects of all forms of developmental disorders receive customized services provided by experienced professionals in structured and highly supportive environments.

Why Consider Treatment for Developmental Disorders

Developmental disorders can have a profound impact on the ability of a child or adolescent to learn, socialize, communicate, acquire skills, and establish independence. The earlier an adolescent or teen begins to receive appropriate professional care for a developmental disorder, the better prepared they’ll be to manage the impact of the disorder, make appropriate progress, and develop skills that will support their continued success.

One of the most important factors in treating a child, adolescent, or teen who has a developmental disorder is correctly identifying the nature and severity of the challenge that the young person is dealing with. Children and adolescents acquire skills, demonstrate capabilities, and progress through general developmental stages at different rates. To accurately diagnose a developmental disorder, a qualified clinician must conduct a thorough assessment with the child or teen.

Once the diagnosis has been established, a plan to provide the most effective care can be developed. At treatment facilities within the Acadia Healthcare network, each child or adolescent who receives care for a developmental disorder follows a personalized treatment plan. The child or adolescent’s treatment team develops this plan, monitors the young person’s progress and, if necessary, adjusts the plan throughout their time in treatment.

Acadia Healthcare’s international network of treatment facilities features a broad scope of services and multiple levels of care to best serve young people whose lives have been disrupted by developmental disorders. At treatment facilities within the Acadia network, children, adolescents, and teens receive comprehensive care from compassionate professionals who respect their strengths, celebrate their individuality, and honor their inherent dignity.

Facilities within the Acadia network that serve children and adolescents also place great emphasis on educating and supporting parents or other caregivers. When you choose a facility within the Acadia network for your child, you can rest assured that you will be included in their treatment to the greatest degree that is both possible and clinically appropriate.

Levels of Care Offered Through Acadia Healthcare

Once a young person has received an accurate diagnosis of a developmental disorder, one of the next decisions that needs to be made is determining which level or levels of care will be most beneficial for them.

Within Acadia’s network of treatment facilities, children, adolescents, and teens may receive care for developmental disorders at the following levels:

Inpatient Treatment: Inpatient treatment may be ideal for young people who need intensive services to address acute symptoms. Inpatient treatment is typically a short-term experience with the goal of promoting stabilization so the young person can return home or transition to a lower level of care.  

Residential Treatment: Depending upon the young person and the facility, a child or adolescent may remain in residential treatment for weeks or months. In addition to comprehensive therapeutic support, many residential treatment facilities for young people also offer a vibrant educational component.  

Day Treatment with Educational ServicesThis level of care provides structure and support for young people who do not need round-the-clock services. Children and adolescents participate in a variety of therapeutic and educational activities during the day, then return home in the evenings and on weekends.  

Learn More

To learn more about treatment options for a child, adolescent, teen, or other individual whose life has been impacted by a developmental disorder, contact one of the treatment facilities within Acadia’s international network. At each facility, a welcoming and knowledgeable professional will be able to answer all of your questions, so you can make the best decision for your child and your family.

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